Prague Fetish Weekend 2023 | Rules


Entry to the festival is limited to guests who are at least 18 years of age.


Fetish dresscode is mandatory only on Fetish Night, where it is very strict. Without a fetish outfit you will not be admitted to the event.

Other days of the festival is fetish dresscode recommended but at least All black.

What all belongs to fetish dresscode:
  • latex clothing
  • leather clothing and harnesses
  • PVC and lack clothing and accessories
  • sexy lingerie
  • nudity
What is NOT fetish dresscode:
  • suit or tailcoat
  • formal / ball dresses
  • funny costumes
Examples what is NOT fetish dresscode:


There is a strict ban on taking photos at all Prague Fetish Weekend events. Violation of this rule will lead to being banned from the party and the destruction of the media.

Photographs will only be taken by accredited photographers and only with the permission of their models.

There will be „Selfie Booth“, for you to take a photo of yourself, if you desire.


Smoking is limited to the designated areas according to the rules valid for the specific premises, we ask that you kindly respect those limitations.


Weapons are prohibited at each our event.

Safe, sane, consensual

Play with a sane, consensually and not drunk and under drugs. Do not enter the games of others. Do not limit and bother others.