Prague Fetish Weekend 2022

Ninth fetish & BDSM festival in the center of Prague. Prague Fetish Weekend is a place where you can be who you want to be.

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13. 10. 2022 | 18:00

Klub Kotelna | Služeb 3a | Praha 10

The festival begins on Thursday evening, full of interesting lectures and workshops on BDSM and fetish themes. This evening is intended for both complete beginners and experienced ones. Fetish dresscode is recommended for Entrée, but at least all black is mandatory.


14. 10. 2022 | 18:00

DISTRIKT7 | Veletržní 61 | Praha 7

Fetish Market is ideal for purchasing fetish and latex fashion and BDSM toys and accessories from both Czech and foreign manufacturers. In the evening, you can look forward to fashion shows and performances. Fetish dresscode is recommended for the Market, but at least all black is mandatory.


15. 10. 2022 | 20:00

DISTRIKT7 | Veletržní 61 | Praha 7

The main evening of the whole Prague Fetish Weekend is Fetish Night, where you will see captivating fetish, but also BDSM performances that will not leave you in peace. Play rooms will be ready for your games. Fetish dresscode is mandatory for fetish night.


16. 10. 2022 | 20:00

Prostor Země | Nádražní 39/76 | Praha 5

The final afterparty where you will see smaller shows but most importantly where you can let the experiences from the whole festival soak in. Fetish dresscode is recommended for the aterparty but at least all black is mandatory.



18:00 doors open
Edna (CZ)
lecture: Bondage with unusual materials
Bugtcher (CZ)
lecture: BDSM tips and tricks
Bohemian Taboo (CZ)
lecture/panel discussion: Erotic intelligence
Stříha (CZ+ EN)
workshop: Basic of sensory deprivation (and little more)
Grimm, Raftíček (CZ + EN)
workshop: Electro
Petr Felix Chudoba (CZ + EN)
workshop: „medieval“ devices in Prague´s BDSM Atelier


20:00 doors open
Bugshop (CZ)
BDSM show: Chain reaction
Figure of A (UK)
fashion & shibari show
Manon (CZ)
fashion show
Snake Charmers (CZ)
fashion & aerial show
Pony Couture (DE)
latex show
Boomcats (CZ)
LED light show


20:00 doors open
Edna (CZ)
Maniac Latex (DE)
latex show
Glanzglück (AT)
latex show
Hellshow (CZ)
bodymodification show
Kain Soma (UK)
aerial show
Torture Garden Latex (UK)
latex show
Born !n Porn (CZ)
fashion show
Tonic Garbage (CZ)
DJs Pink Concrete, Jesse/Theo


20:00 doors open
Lucia (CZ)
Tom (CZ)
kinky whips
Violet de Valor (CZ)


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Tickets are now on sale online or by person at reception of studio
Tickets will be available at the entrance only until the club is full – for these days at the following prices: Entrée 200 CZK, Market 500 CZK, Afterparty 200 CZK.

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